Heartfelt Expressions

Heartfelt Expressions is a compilation of poems that sprang to life in Claudette Inglis‘ sleep.

Heartfelt Expressions is a compilation of poems that sprang to life in Claudette Inglis‘ sleep.

Claudette Irene Inglis is a retired nurse who became a US Citizen in 2008. She is a certified Christian minister and holds a certificate in Christian counseling and graduated from New York Theological Seminary with a Certificate in Christian Ministry. She also loves worshiping God in dance and singing. She loves to listen to music, especially jazz, gospel, and classical music.

To my three children daughters Jilian, Nicole and son Shaun and my mom Norma Inglis.


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Heartfelt Expressions

The poems in the author’s inspiring collection offer comfort to those of the Christian faith or. for that matter, to anyone who is soothed by faith-based verse.

God’s Grace,
Not My Disgrace

She writes about her journey through difficulties in different realms of her life. She discusses her faith, how much it has grown and everything in between.

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“Life” urges readers to embrace life experiences by “Not pondering on the past, but using our experiences as a tool for greater achievements.” These passionate poems can motivate poetry fans irrespective of their faith. As the title states, they truly do express the poet’s heart

R.J Johnson, US Review of Books
Reviewed By:

Heartfelt Expressions | Claudette Inglis

This book is meant for anyone who could be going through a hard time. Anyone who might be having trouble seeing God’s grace through the darkness. Anyone who could be losing faith that they will ever crawl out of the abyss of despair they find themselves in.

Aaron Washington, Pacific Book
Reviewed By:

God’s Grace , Not My Disgrace | Claudette Inglis



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